Boost your self-confidence in the digital age

by bold-lichterman

Charles Pepin is a philosopher who has written several books, most recently “The virtues of failure” and “Self-confidence, a philosophy”. Met through Estelle from the Reelles podcast, I found it interesting to dwell for a moment on this notion of self-confidence which is a very strong injunction in our society while at the same time the latter, by an automation of everything, takes away the ability to develop it.

With Charles Pepin we talk about failure, how to take it and do something with it. Can failure help make us happy? And if so, why and how? Failure is not very popular in France despite the various Failcon-type conferences that may have taken place in France. This subject is obviously related to that of self-confidence, even closely related and with Charles Pepin, we jump from one to the other naturally.

We discuss the famous impostor complex that you all have more or less felt but also the role of daring, the negative impact of social networks, even the debility of what is happening there. I also asked the man Charles Pepin his relationship to failure and why he had particularly chosen this theme. In short, a very rich episode as I like them and which I hope will allow you to reflect, to generate conversations, to go a little further. Happy listening and don’t hesitate to rate the Apple Podcast if you have an iPhone or to give me your comments.

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