[Bonne idée] Drivewise.ly, the application of the road maestros

by bold-lichterman

Launched after a fundraising of 1.3 million dollars by the start-up Driveway Software, this application collects data not on the route the user takes but on his driving habits. His speed, his acceleration, the distance he travels … all this information earns him a score and a sort of rank, from “road maestro” or a simple “connoisseur”.

More broadly, the score and grade obtained would aim to allow the driver to negotiate an adapted auto insurance, to save fuel (up to -30%) by easing the foot, and at the same time, to reduce his footprint carbon. At least if the drivers follow the suggestions made by the application.

Young motorists can also use it as proof of good driving, both literally and figuratively. Young or old for that matter, the important thing for the creators of the application: “to make the drivers better, and the streets safer,” its creators told Reuters.

Developed in California, where Driveway Software is based, Drivewise.ly has received financial backing from Israeli investor Gigi Levy, as well as start-up founders Jake and Yakov Diner. It is completely free (download and installation included: you only need a smartphone to use it), and available on the App store and on Google play.