[Bon App’] WittiZ, to express a feeling through a video

by bold-lichterman

WittiZ is a brand new French application that allows you to share short clips of films, series, shows or shows. It is released today on the App Store.

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The team: Francis Jaluzot, Hélène Bonnet, Damien Lavergne Availability: free on the app store

WittiZ screenshots

Frenchweb: A what need does your application?

Francis Jaluzot: WittiZ is made to review, discover, exchange short video scenes (of all kinds, not just films) which make us laugh, cry, jump, express a feeling, a circumstance, a mood.

The app has a lot of videos from movies, are you targeting moviegoers only?

Francis Jaluzot: No, not only. The application is interesting for anyone who likes audiovisual entertainment, WittiZ is also full of extracts from music videos for example.

You launch the application in partnership with production studios (Pathé, Gaumont etc.), how did you convince them?

Francis Jaluzot: It wasn’t that difficult, but it took several months of discussions and meetings to make them understand the interest they had in joining us in the adventure. We did a study to inform them as well as possible, they then showed themselves to be particularly motivated. They have been trying to reinvent themselves with digital technology recently, which has undoubtedly worked in our favor.

Concretely, what are your obligations towards them?

Francis Jaluzot: We have signed an operating agreement. For each scene corresponds a film that the user can watch in full thanks to VOD and purchase on iTunes or Amazon. We perceive a share of 4% and 5% respectively on their sales: that’s how we will earn money. We are just starting out and the studios have been understanding with the contracts, they know that a young startup like ours cannot give them huge sums of money.

The WittiZ team

What was the process of development? (encountered difficulties…)

Francis Jaluzot: From a technical point of view, it was a question of proposing an automatic start of videos, a good flow and a very good quality of images and sounds, in 3G.

How do you plan to make it known?

Francis Jaluzot: Thanks to social networks, mobile campaigns, partnerships, purchase of advertising space, etc.

What are your goals ?

Francis Jaluzot: Launch the UK version, the translated iOS application is already ready, we are just missing a few agreements with rights holders in the UK. We would also like to offer an Android version, to exceed 500k users before the end of the year …