[Bon App’] Travee, to make calls from abroad with your usual phone number

by bold-lichterman

Travee will launch the Android application in 11 countries, the United States and Europe.

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Founder: Gideon Ziegelman Availability : free on Google play

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Travee is an Israeli app that wants to “simplify the way travelers communicate.” Launched on January 12, 2014, the young startup offers its users to reduce their roaming costs abroad.

Gideon ZiegelmanFrenchweb: What needs does your application meet?

Gideon Ziegelman: The app allows travelers to make and receive calls using their regular phone number. Travee is designed for travelers who would replace their original SIM card with a local prepaid SIM card. It can be a good solution, but we do not see all the calls received and the SMS sent to the original number… With our application, travelers can receive their ordinary calls as if they were not traveling.

Where does the idea of ​​creation come from?

Gideon Ziegelman: I traveled a lot for business and had the problem that we want to fix with our app.

What was the development process? (encountered difficulties…)

Gideon Ziegelman: We first tried to materialize our idea with the hardware (with a special SIM card), it was difficult, we finally decided to develop an application. The difficulty is having to deal with a lot of mobile operators. In France for example, SFR is the only incompatible one.

How do you plan to make it known?

Gideon Ziegelman: We will try to make people talk about us on blogs and the “classic” press, but also through Facebook advertising and on mobile in general.

What are your goals ?

Gideon Ziegelman: Our goal is for the target audience, travelers, to use Travee. In addition to making their life easier, the application will save them money.

The demo: