[Bon App’] Smartsy wants to create links with readers of shopping pages

by bold-lichterman

Origin: France / USA

Editor: Smartsy

Available: under ios, the Android version is scheduled for March 2015

Creation date : january 2012

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Launched in 2012, the Smartsy app has been redesigned. Gérard Ayache, CEO of the company explains why.

Frenchweb: What is the service provided by the application? Who is she talking to?

Gérard Ayache: Smartsy establishes a bridge between the physical world and the digital world. With the massive indexing of fashion and decoration magazines (more than 40 “smart” magazines), we make all the pages of press media interactive, simply by viewing them with a smartphone. For example, to instantly seek and obtain additional information on the product that you are seeing, to identify what other users are saying about the product. And buy it of course.

Concretely, users collect the objects they have located in their own personalized collector. They will soon be able to share them with their friends on social networks, like on Pinterest or Instagram but here, not only with images but with objects. We want to allow a brand to speak to the customer at the perfect time; the one where it is opposite the product.

How did you get the idea to create this application?

When it started in 2012, the company was very focused on visual recognition technologies and started an R&D program. But we quickly realized that this startup could not remain confined to a nice technical achievement. We decided to go further with the progressive construction of the social network of objects. In France we are fortunate to have the best researchers in the field of object recognition. We have therefore initiated scientific partnerships with organizations such as the CEA or the Institut Telecom to improve the state of the art in terms of algorithms. But it was not enough; Indeed, for Smartsy to hatch, it was necessary to bring together intelligences in fields as varied as the management of massive databases, cloud computing, big data, social marketing, the development of top-level mobile user interfaces, etc. . We therefore immediately set up in Sunnyvale in Silicon Valley, as close as possible to major American universities and major high-tech operators. We found there an impressive pool of talents and above all a state of mind that helped us a lot.

What are the similar apps and how is yours different?

Unlike some of the players who have followed in Smartsy’s wake (in France, Selectionnist or Zoomdle), we are not just another m-commerce site or app. Smartsy is an open platform which today offers readers of the magazine press and, starting next summer, music fans with the indexing of tens of millions of musical visuals, the possibility of acquiring new reflexes. For example, instantly seek and obtain additional information on the product, ad or article published, find what other users are saying about the product, brand, designer, etc.

Do you plan to monetize this service? If yes, how ?

The business model is mainly based on the sharing of income generated during commercial transactions carried out via the app, as well as by the sale of contextual communication spaces for brands.

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