[Bon App’] SkyMotion, the only weather application based on radar observation

by bold-lichterman

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Founders: André LeBlanc, Maxime Julien

Availability : free on theAppStore and the Google play

screenshot Skymotion 1screenshot Skymotion 2

Launched at the end of summer 2012 after 3 years of research and development, SkyMotion is a Quebec weather forecasting application.

The sector in which the start-up operates is very competitive, but it is the only one to offer ultra-localized forecasts: 1 km2 around the user.

Created by two former Ubisoft and Electronic Arts alumni, Skymotion is based on radar observation to establish its forecasts after having carried out a geolocation. The result is very precise, and reliable according to its users.

The start-up was bought by the American giant AccuWeather last November for an undisclosed amount. A shift in their strategy that satisfies the founders of the application: “In a few years, have gone from a garage technology to tens and hundreds of millions of users”, predicts Maxime Julien, this French former HEC , on the Canadian site Canoe.

The acquisition of Skymotion by AccuWeather should allow it to expand into the world. Now operating in Europe, the app is now targeting Asia.