[Bon App’] Sellsy, the application that allows you to monitor your company’s activity in real time

by bold-lichterman

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SellSy is – at the origin – a Saas platform for invoicing and commercial management which makes it possible to monitor the indicators of the company’s activity in real time.

OS: AppStore, GooglePlay

Target: B2C

Note: 3.5 on iOS

Site: www.sellsy.com

Interview with one of the designers of the application, Alain Mevellec:

What promise does your application meet?

Sellsy’s main promise is to save time. On a daily basis, users gain many back and forth between different software (email, Excel, etc.) and find their information more easily.
This is an essential promise that we are constantly trying to improve: deleting a click, adding an option … We are constantly listening to our users because they are the ones who notice the most actions that they take. waste time.

What are the features that you are most proud of?

On Sellsy every feature is a bit of a new baby, so right now we’re the most excited about our little one.
It is a connected cash register system, available on computer or tablets. Its launch is expected in a few days.

Backstage, how was the decision to create it made?

The traditional cash register is often expensive and rarely intelligent. There is really a huge plus for merchants to go towards SaaS, especially in terms of inventory management between several points of sale, physical or online.
The decision to make a fund is not recent, but a lot of things had to be built upstream to make it possible.

What was the internal / external development process?

Like most of our current developments, we have chosen to only use our API for the checkout interface. It is a flexible solution which allows very quickly prototyping without impacting the heart of the solution. For the process, it is classic of our usual approach: tour of existing solutions, identification of best practices then development. Developing the cash register is fairly basic but the resulting accounting management is rather complex. Also, for performance reasons, we use the tablet’s local storage, which was also pretty tough to set up.
Finally, a good dose of energy has been devoted to the hardware, since we will also be offering the necessary accessories for the cash register (receipt printer, barcode reader, cash drawer). Printing tickets quickly and well from a browser seems simple, but it is actually quite complex and only the latest generation printers fulfilled our specifications. Fortunately, the Star Micronics teams, who supplied the successful printer, were very enthusiastic and cooperative. In all, this is a file that took us 4 months. Of course, as always with Sellsy, nothing is set in stone and the cash register will be regularly improved. The first addition will be the agenda management for making appointments. It’s pretty straightforward, because we already have shared calendars in Sellsy.

What is the budget you have devoted to its development?

It’s an internal development so it’s hard to quantify precisely, but to give you an idea, it’s about 5 months of full time for a developer.

How do you plan to make it known?

We know that there is already a demand on our existing customer base, these will be our early adopters.
For the future, we are particularly counting on our program reserved for Chartered Accountants, which we are launching at the moment. This program allows accountants to offer Sellsy directly to their clients, among whom there are many traders.

What are the objectives that you have set for yourself and what are the performances achieved today?

There are a little over 3 million businesses in France, of which around 1 million are traders. It is therefore a considerable extension of Sellsy’s target. We haven’t set a specific target, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this product represented 15-20% of our sales in 2014.

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