[Bon App’] Savee, to optimize the energy consumption of smartphones

by bold-lichterman

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Origin: France

Editor: Alexander Hoffmann

Date of update: September 3, 2014

Availability: Android 2.2


Applications multiply the practical features of smartphones. Unfortunately, the more applications there are, the faster the phone discharges. Savee has been designed to optimize battery power consumption. The objective is to double the time of use of the phone before having to recharge it.

At 23, Alexander Hoffmann is the creator of Savee. Winner of the Contest of Young Inventors and Creators of Monts en Touraine 2014, he participated in the first edition of the Lépine Contest dedicated to universes connected to the Strasbourg International Fair.

The app is only available for devices running Android. IOS and Windows Phone versions are under development.

Frenchweb: How does the application work?

Alexander Hoffmann, the creator of Savee
Alexander Hoffmann, the creator of Savee

Alexander Hoffmann: When the user downloads Savee, the application offers him three solutions to optimize his energy consumption. WiFi is deactivated when the screen turns off, for example. Several economic modes are available, such as night mode or pocket mode. “Memory management” optimizes RAM memory and “flushes” unnecessary data from unused applications, increasing browsing speed. Finally, it is possible to “adapt the power” of the device, to choose the times when the battery is used to the maximum.

How did you get the idea to create this application?

I had this idea by dint of systematically falling on my friends’ voicemail boxes when I called them after 6 p.m. At one time, it was even a clue to guess who owned a smartphone! These devices consume so much energy that they are dead by the end of the afternoon. In 2011, I created my first prototype. The beta version was released on August 2, 2014, with an update on September 3.

Who are your competitors? How do you stand out?

There are other apps that offer energy saving, like Energy Saver or Easy Battery Saver. But Savee is not just an additional management panel. The application is much more sophisticated, with very specific tools and options. The goal is to double the battery life. Savee, for example, indicates an exact count of the required recharge time, which avoids leaving your phone plugged in unnecessarily.

How will you monetize this new service?

The application is intended for professionals and individuals alike interested in energy savings. For the moment, Savee is available on Google Play for 1.5 euros. For now, it only exists on Android but in the long term, I plan to develop it for iOS and Windows Phone. This is the next goal for 2015.

Have you created a start-up that publishes the application?

I created SARL Savee on February 17, 2014, in Montargis with 45,000 euros of equity. It is a project supported by the Technopole Orléans and the Loiret Initiative.

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos

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