[Bon App’] Sardine tin, to no longer be compressed in the metro

by bold-lichterman

Editor: Ambientic

Creation date: October 2013

Availability: Android 2.3 / iOS 4.1

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Making public data available so that civil society can seize it and imagine applications that make life easier: that’s what Open Data is all about. And Sardines Box, imagined thanks to the release of RATP data is an example. It allows users of the Paris metro to avoid hurrying into crowded metro trains when those arriving a few minutes later are almost empty. According to its designers, it has been downloaded around 200 times on Android and 600 times under iOS. The concept is reminiscent of Tranquilien, an application developed from data released by SNCF for transilien users.

To find out more, a few questions to Pierre-Guillaume Raverdy, co-founder of Ambientic:

Frenchweb: What is the service provided by theapplication?

Pierre-Guillaume Raverdy, co-founder of Adventic
Pierre-Guillaume Raverdy, co-founder of Adventic

Pierre-Guillaume Raverdy: It allows people to collaborate with each other to provide information on the use of public transport.

How did you get the idea to create this application?

We developed this application for a hackathon organized by RATP a year ago. The aim was to find a way to exploit the data collected about public transport. It started as a marginal project, our main starting activity being the development of collaborative mobile applications for the event industry. In the case of “Sardine Box”, the core business is the same but the target audience is different.

In addition, this hackathon gave us the idea of ​​developing a crowdsourcing platform for developers of mobile applications based on the collection of information on public transport. For the moment, the name that we give it between us is “Go Flow” but it can be brought to evolve. The platform should open at the end of June. More than collecting data on Parisian transport, the platform’s objective is to use data provided by some 700 transport agencies around the world.

How will you monetize this new service?

The economic model of the platform that we are implementing is to offer application developers to manage their servers. We are therefore on B to B. We are thinking about precise pricing. This is one of the things to be finalized by the end of June.

Tell me a little more about Ambientic, the company that publishes the application?

Ambientic is a spin-off ofInria, the company was created in 2011 and we are three people working there. Commercial activity is based on events and the “Go Flow” project. But being the result of public research, we continue to do R&D.

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