[Bon App’] Petit Bambou, the meditation app in 10 minutes a day

by bold-lichterman

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Origin: France

Editor: FeelVeryGood

Release date: Launch January 2015

Availability: ios and also via a responsive webapp for all other platforms

Founders: Benjamin Blasco (former business development and European strategy director of PayPal), Ludovic Dujardin (serial entrepreneur, notably co-founder of Pratique.fr, recently sold to 118,000)

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The “Meditating with Petit BamBou” service allows you to be accompanied on a day-to-day basis in your meditating journey through guided mindfulness meditations. Its two founders, Benjamin Blasco and Ludovic Dujardin, explain what comes out of it.

FrenchWeb: What is the concept of the application and whatow did you get the idea?

Benjamin Blasco and Ludovic Dujardin:Meditate with Petit BamBou », Is a mobile application and a web platform for meditation: simple, practical and motivating. Until now, it was not easy to find in our modern lives the 10 – 20 minutes necessary to establish a daily practice of meditation, and the courses with a trainer were sometimes complicated to fit into the diaries. The mobile now allows everyone to meditate where and when they want, including during “lost” moments. We rely on an innovative approach to mobile practice, expert videos, short animated films and audios to guide the sessions.

Benjamin Blasco (1)
Benjamin blasco

What are your business goals?

We have a model freemium. The first 8 sessions are free and 10 minutes each; the rest of the catalog is available through a subscription starting at € 4.99 per month. We are self-funded for now.

How do you plan to make yourself known?

We have the enthusiastic support of our community Facebook (930,000 fans,) and therefore sponsorship between users to address all French-speaking people sensitive to questions of well-being and personal development (35+, 60% women)

In which market are you positioning yourself, and what are your direct and indirect competing applications? How do you stand out from them?

Our market is called “Mindfulness / coaching app” in the United States: “Headspace” and “Buddhify” are only available in English, “Meditating with Christophe André” is a paid app that explains the principles of meditation. We stand out because:

  • A few grams of regular practice is better than a ton of theory;
  • Having a personalized and regular meeting with your meditation session of the day helps your practice progress in a simple, practical and pleasant form. The richness of the catalog is key (already 21 hours of meditations);
  • The introduction to meditation and the first sessions must be free in order to guarantee its development and adoption by the general public;
  • Meditation is a social practice for which the environment and the community of practice have an essential role in developing and maintaining its motivation.
Ludovic Dujardin
Ludovic Dujardin

What is the next step in the application?

We want to expand our catalog with new themes and new experts. We also want to offer features to personalize your course and practice, whether you are a beginner or not. Finally, we want to make the practice more social with a more advanced integration with Facebook.

How many downloads and users have there been so far?

We just launched just over a week ago, so don’t have any numbers at this point. Early adopters are delighted to train their minds and cultivate a state of calm, serenity, lucidity and inner peace.

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