[Bon App’] ONprint digitizes print advertising

by bold-lichterman

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Origin: France

Last update: May 2014

Founders: Olivier Gravet and Pete Pierce

Availability: sure ios and the Play store

Bon App ONprint digitizes print advertising

“The paper is dead,” some say. The team of ONprint does not seem to agree with this finding. “We are convinced that all media will quickly become connected objects,” says Jérôme Idelon, sales representative at ONprint. Olivier Gravet and Pete Pierce, who made their careers in direct marketing, therefore embarked on the creation of a system for enriching the printed medium with digital content.

“The application provides access to editorialized and contextualized content relating to a purchasing situation (point of sale, press advertisement, etc.), an event context or information”, explains Jérôme Idelon. The mobile user, thanks to a simple flash, will have access to numerous metadata which will inform him about the product in question. For companies, this solution improves their commercial performance. Some companies have already signed: The post office, the Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne group, HP, Figaro Classifieds

ONprint wants to export in 2015

“The industry is quite young and uses are emerging”, remarks Jérôme Idelon. Other solutions are currently proposed. Blippar, Aurasma or even Layar have also embarked on advertising in augmented reality. More important players remain to be watched. “When the market reaches critical mass in a few years, we expect the arrival of very large players like Intel, Qualcomm and the GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) ”, emphasizes Jérôme Idelon. ONprint’s teams are already preparing for this strong competition. Supported by industrial investors from the Lille region, ONprint plans to open its capital in 2015 to expand internationally.

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