[Bon App’] MyGarden 3D, augmented reality application for gardening

by bold-lichterman

Every day at 1 p.m., Frenchweb, in partnership with Stardust, mobile application testing specialist, presents a mobile application. Submit yours to us too !

MyGarden 3D is an augmented reality application allowing you to imagine the layout of a garden. Available on iOS (iPad and iPhone) it offers the possibility, from a photo of the garden or the place that the user wishes to develop, to have a vision of the final rendering to make his choice.

“Classified in libraries independent of the software, more than 200 objects are available: plants (plants in pots and open ground, trees), fittings (partitions, low walls, paving) or even equipment (garden furniture, lighting, outdoor games ). […] Modeled in 3D, objects can be moved, rotated, raised or sized in real time. Their size is left to the free choice of the user ”specifies the company. The application exists in two versions: free and paid, the second being free of any advertising markings and offers a wider choice, and regularly updated, of landscaping objects, plants or equipment.

“Four people are working on this project, which is actually a consumer derivative of our professional OneShot 3D application which took a year of development. We already have a thousand downloads, ”explains Eric Skoura to Frenchweb.


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