[Bon App’] My Precious Life, the personal notebook to remember nothing

by bold-lichterman

“We have filed a patent […] which was an adventure in itself ”. Zoom on My Precious Life

Origin : France

Founders: Guillaume Ricour-Dumas, a multi-entrepreneur from finance and Marina Detienne, a leisure and culture blogger

Availability: Free on theApp Store

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Frenchweb: What needs does your application meet?

Guillaume Ricour-Dumas and Marina Detienne: My Precious Life is a personal notebook on mobile. The app is used to note and above all to find everything that inspires us on a daily basis: a good address spotted in a magazine, a book to read, a film to see in 6 months, a wine label… It is designed for life daily and leisure.

Where does the idea of ​​creation come from?

GR-MD: I couldn’t find a sexy and ergonomic note-taking service, for the most part they are quite office automation or very poor in functionality, like that of the tool usually integrated in smartphones. In My Precious Life, you can note with text but also photos, videos, dates, geolocation …

What was the development process? (encountered difficulties…)

GR-MD: We took more than a year to develop the first version and encountered technical obstacles, in particular on the processing of images and the scrolling of objects. We filed a patent for the pictogram classification and filtering system, which was an adventure in itself. We did not come from mobile at the start and it could have been a difficulty but allowed us to take a fresh look at the project and really start from the need.

How do you plan to make it known?

GR-MD: We are at the very beginning of the adventure because the app was released in November 2013. In March 2014 a version 1.1 will be released on which we have a press campaign planned. We are also starting to forge partnerships with brands or retailers who have an interest in what their visitors notice: points of sale, trade fairs, galleries, urban events etc. Add to this a classic low-budget digital marketing & advertising strategy.

What are your goals ?

GR-MD: Our goal is to become essential for rating IRL (editor’s note: In Real Life), to capture the real. We are so busy that many of us need to write down and sort the information for later. We think the potential is huge.

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