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by bold-lichterman

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Music is an application offering several types of free music radio without advertising, whose programming is provided on a day-to-day basis by specialists.

OS: AppStore

Target: B2C

Note: 4+ on iOS

Site: myjungly.com

Interview with one of the developers of the application, Tony Casonato:

What promise does your app meet?

Tony Casonato: “Music” is a simple and intuitive application for iPhone and iPad offering a panel of 9 100% musical radios and not broadcasting any audio advertising.

Each Web Radio, with more than 1,500 active titles in rotation, is programmed daily by specialists in the musical genres offered.

Programming “by hand”, provided by enthusiasts and prescribers of trends, which allows pleasant listening throughout the day, always punctuated by great discoveries and novelties

Which features are you most proud of?

Tony Casonato: “Music” brings together our main obsessions: to offer a perfect musical program to satisfy the greatest number, to present an original graphic environment and to promote listening possible everywhere all the time. We are therefore proud to have been able to integrate all these priorities into a completely free application!

But if we had to choose, then we would highlight the music blog Wait A Second And Listen, accessible from the app via a button located at the top right of all pages. It is basically a simple RSS feed, which our teams have put in shape to enhance the visual content published in each article while simplifying access to SoundCloud extracts, or even to Youtube videos associated with publications without having to exit the application.

Backstage side, how was the decision made to create it?

Tony Casonato: Within our agency, we are all, without exception, enthusiasts and regular consumers of music. We evolve daily with the Internet, mobility, music and video on demand platforms, but it was impossible for us to find a digital radio service suitable for long-term listening to music in the office, in the gym or at home. , which suits all styles, and which evolves over time!

For many French listeners, musical FM radios have almost all become inaudible, with playlists lacking in titles interspersed with interventions from hosts who have little to say of interest, not to mention the ubiquitous advertising and ultra repetitive musical programming… To respond to these initial observations, we simply wanted to put the profession of music programmer back in the foreground while offering a real alternative to on-demand music services or blogging platforms. The first step is therefore the Music application for iPhone and iPad and the web offer will certainly be a major development in the service that we want to offer to individuals and professionals.

What was the development process (internal, external)?

Tony Casonato: Our asset is to be able to work on digital development projects throughout the year and thus to federate all the talents necessary to imagine innovative and technologically surprising projects (developers, graphic designers, programmers, sound engineers, integrators etc.) .

To differentiate ourselves from existing platforms and radio playlists offered by other services, we decided to develop our own broadcasting technology, work and listen to our musical formats for many months to then integrate them into an intuitive, fluid and stable application. . We have obviously identified additional functionalities that will allow listeners to obtain information, consult associated content or even buy the titles currently being broadcast with a click of a button in future updates.

What is the budget you have devoted to its development?

Tony Casonato: Music is a free application and without advertising, therefore the research and the developments carried out are financed by the agency My Jungly. This is an investment of several tens of thousands of euros since we are not talking about an application but a complete service that allows us to consider the creation of sound environments for brands, communities and companies.

In addition, we are talking about music and the distribution of titles is regulated, so we have signed agreements with the SCPP and SACEM to remunerate artists, performers, producers and directors, which allows listeners to listen to musical radios without having to to pay a flat rate for this first version.

How do you intend to make it known?

Tony Casonato: For the moment, we are concentrating our communication on the web and we are very lucky since the name of the “Music” application had been registered by My Jungly several years ago, which allows us to benefit from a “natural” reputation. Word of mouth is obviously important to us as well, as we don’t aim to spend crazy sums on space buying at the moment.

What is the budget devoted to its com marketing?

Tony Casonato: As explained previously, we did not use a heavy and expensive communication device, we do not position as a medium and we do not aim to become it, our work and to prove to individuals in love with music that ‘a free offer exists on various media and shows companies that it is possible to communicate differently by offering a quality musical environment to its customers and employees by developing its own audio media.

What are the objectives that you have set for yourself and what are the performances achieved today?

Tony Casonato: The Music app has already been downloaded to more than 50,000 iPhones, iPods Touch and iPads since the end of June. We recorded more than 200,000 listening sessions of more than 25 minutes. This is a very good start and we have a good chance of exceeding 100,000 users by January.

Our short-term objectives are the implementation of new radios because some formats are expected by mobile users, new features to make the musical experience even stronger and our medium-term objective will be to open our service to web and Android users. with an offer designed specifically to meet their very different expectations from iOS users.

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