[Bon App’] Life Graphy, the program of his day in diagram

by bold-lichterman

The new application of Korean origin offers to organize your day with simple diagrams.

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Editor: Byungwook Kang Availability: 1.79 euros on the app store

screenshot Life Graphy 1screenshot Life Graphy 2

Life Graphy is a brand new application of Korean origin supposed to boost the productivity of its users.

As the name suggests, Life Graphy wants to turn your daily life into diagrams. Each of the six parts of the diagram represents a task to be completed during the day. Once done, the part of the circle dedicated to it empties, a very visual way to tell if the day has been productive. You will be able to share your to-do lists, view to-dos by day, week, month and even year. The interface of the application is very successful and reminds that of MailBox.

However, we regret the impossibility of configuring recurring tasks and of linking the application to a Google calendar for example.