[Bon App’] Evercontact automatically updates address books

by bold-lichterman

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Origin: France

Release date: november 2014

Editor: Kwaga

Availability: ios


Evercontact launched its application in early November 2014. Available on iOS, the mobile service complements the online one offered since 2011. Evercontact allows its users to automatically save the contact details of their contacts thanks to the signatures of the emails received.

Since its creation, the French start-up has analyzed more than a billion emails to update the address books of its users. Phone numbers, names, addresses, positions, profiles on social networks, Evercontact detects all this information and integrates it directly into Google Contact lists.

€ 1.2 million raised

This automation differentiates the service from competitors such as Gwabbit or Copy2Contact, which await user confirmation before integrating new information. Evercontact is free to a point. Indeed, the service remains free for a trial period of one month. Only premium members of Evercontact have full and lasting access to the app, with the subscription costing $ 59 a year.

This virtual assistant, formerly WriteThat.name, is edited by Kwaga. A start-up created by Philippe Laval, Evercontact raised € 1.2 million in 2012 from private investors. To continue its development, the start-up has just joined the start-up incubation program launched by AXA and Paris Région Lab, “Smart Data for Customer Inteliggence”.


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