[Bon App’] Cyber ​​Dust, the application that encrypts the messages exchanged

by bold-lichterman

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Origin: United States

Editor: Cyber ​​Dust

Date of update: August 20, 2014, created in May 2014

Availability: iOS 7.0 and Android 4.0

Cyber ​​Dust app

The hunt for information left after our virtual exchanges has not finished inspiring. After Confide and SnapChat – among others -, a new ephemeral messaging service has just been launched in the spring in the United States: CyberDust.

This messaging service encrypts exchanges and erases messages: 30 seconds after sending to the sender’s mobile and 30 seconds after reading it on the recipient’s mobile. Unread messages self-destruct after 12 hours. Be careful though, on Android, the application prevents users from taking a screenshot. It is also possible to “pin” a message to keep it. Like its competitors, Cyber ​​Dust plays on fears relating to the protection of personal data, which have increasingly been fueled since the revelations of NSA wiretaps.

Free of charge, the application was launched by American billionaire Mark Cuban in 2014. The start-up of the same name, intended to ensure the development of the application, employs 13 people in Los Angeles. For now, the app’s audience remains relatively small, and Cyber ​​Dust is not yet in the monetization phase.

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