[Bon App’] Cord, answering machines also have their Snapchat

by bold-lichterman

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Origin: United States

Editor: Cord project

Release date : april 2014

Availability: under iOS and on Android


The rise of applications like WhatsApp and WeChat will cause a 20% drop in revenues from SMS and MMS traffic, according to a 2013 study published by Strategy Analytics. Today, mobile users are increasingly turning to multimedia messaging alternatives such as Snapchat, Vine, WhatsApp, etc. Cord project, a start-up of six people, publishes an application called Cord allowing you to send micro-voice messages of 12 seconds maximum. It has not yet generated revenue, and is considering the best way to monetize.

According to a recent study by Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, voice is 50% more effective than textual communication in conveying the right tone or the right emotion. The company founded by two former Google employees – the Frenchman Thomas Gayno and the American Jeff Baxter – uses the principle of the brevity of the message, as on Twitter or Vine for example. You could think of it as a new Snapchat or as a cover of one of the features of WhatsApp, or even Facebook Messenger, but Cord is the only application to focus only on voice.

To find out more, Frenchweb interviewed Thomas Gayno, Cord project co-founder:

Frenchweb: What more can your application bring to your users?

Jeff Baxter and Thomas Gayno, Co-Founders of Cord

Thomas Gayno: With Jeff, we are convinced that the asynchronous mode is the solution to promote the return of the voice. In recent years people have tended, despite all the technologies available to them, to call each other less. The reasons given are all linked to a change in lifestyle and communication habits: we do not want to interrupt our interlocutor, nor depend on his availability to communicate and we do not want to have to do an overloaded voice mail.

How many users do you have at the moment?

We are not sharing this data at this time. To date, the Cord application is already used in many countries: 40% of users in France or in French-speaking countries, 40% in the United States and 20% in Asia.

You have been living in the United States for 5 years, has this installation been beneficial to you? If yes, why?

Yes. This is where I got to meet my co-founder, Jeff Baxter. We also have a very good network through our years of careers at Google and the online advertising agency R / GA. Finally, the tech scene is booming in New York and it is undoubtedly easier to bring in talent here than elsewhere.

Do you think moving abroad helped the app’s success?

I think Cord could not have been born anywhere other than New York, this world city where people talk so much and so easily. Multiculturalism is also a big component of the city, since 50% of New York households speak a language other than English.

Creation: april 2014

Fundraising : 1.8 million dollars raised in September 2014

Investors: Metamorphic Ventures, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Google Ventures Kevin Rose and Rich Miner (co-founder of Android), Greycroft Partners, Dave Morin (CEO of Path), Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet (Kernel Investissements), Xavier Niel (NJJ Capital), Thibaud Elziere (co-founder of Fotolia and e-Founders), Mats Carduner (CEO and co-founder of Fifty-Five), Gary Vaynerchuk (Vayner / RSE), NBA star Carmelo Anthony and Stuart Goldfarb (Melo7 Tech Partners), Ricky Van Veen (co-founder of Vimeo and CollegeHumor), Ed Sanders (Marketing Director of Google Glass) and Brett Crosby (co-founder of Google Analytics)

Natacha Moxhet

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