[Bon App’] Cinemacity, the application that geolocates anthology scenes from cinema

by bold-lichterman

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Cinemacity is an application that allows you to walk around Paris and see at the same time – and on every street corner – a movie scene that has been shot there.

OS: AppStore, Googleplay

Target: B2C

Note: 4 on iOS

Site: http://smallbang.fr/portfolios/cinemacity/

Interview with one of the creators of the application, Clémence Coursimault:

– What promise does your application meet?

Clémence Coursimault: Cinemacity offers Parisians and tourists the opportunity to discover Paris through cinema via a free mobile application on iOS and Android and a website available in 3 languages ​​(French, English and German). Cinemacity thus geolocates hundreds of film extracts at the very place where they were shot and offers thematic walks to accompany pedestrians in their (re) discovery of the city.
Cinemacity is also a creation laboratory through Cinelab. We are currently launching a call for projects so that young directors can submit their walking fictions, creations produced by and for Cinemacity. The fictions walks are in the form of mini-series of 5 episodes of 2 minutes and allow to discover a district of Paris, the time of a story. Chat, directed by Ilan Cohen, is the first fiction-walk presented in Cinemacity. Finally, each user also has the possibility of proposing his “suede film”, his version of a film shot in Paris and which can subsequently be integrated into Cinemacity.

– What are the features that you are most proud of?

Clémence Coursimault: Cinemacity is an application that brings together lovers of the city and the cinema. Allowing our users to be able to (re) discover Paris on foot thanks to the cinema was the first functionality we wanted to put in place. Cinemacity also offers an offline mode which allows you to load your walks at home and then discover them in Paris without having to use a 3G connection. But Cinemacity is not just a passive application since we allow our users to participate in the creation of the content we offer.

– Side-scenes, how was the decision taken to create it?

Clémence Coursimault: Cinemacity was born from an original idea of ​​Michel Reilhac, former cinema director of Arte, It is a co-production which was then directed by the studio SmallBang and Arte, in partnership with the city of Paris, and with the support of the CNC and the Forum des Images.

– What was the internal / external development process?

Clémence Coursimault: Cinemacity is a co-production of the Small Bang studio and Arte and represents the culmination of a long work, notably editorial, of selecting the film extracts that we wanted to integrate into our application. We are currently located only in Paris but are already in the process of expanding to the Little Crown, the rest of France and internationally.

– What is the budget you have devoted to its development?

Clémence Coursimault: We are not revealing these figures at this time.

– How do you intend to make it known?

Clémence Coursimault: Cinemacity has already totaled since its release two months ago, more than 21,000 downloads. It is an undeniable success, especially since our com and marketing budget is small. It is rather by an in-depth study of our audience on the Internet that we proceeded to make ourselves known. This audience is based on four very specific communities: cinema and amateur cinema enthusiasts, lovers of Paris and the city, and technophiles.

– What are the objectives that you have set for yourself and what are the performances achieved today?

Clémence Coursimault: Our first objective was to offer the public an innovative application with a rich and functional first version. This contract has been fulfilled and we are now looking to continue the development of the app and offer an ever more fluid and intuitive mobility experience. An update to our app will arrive in late September, early October, which will be much more focused on sharing Cinemacity content on social media.
We also aim to integrate Cinemacity more and more into the city’s cultural life. We had already followed Paris Plages and are present on the Berges. We continue by being present on September 21 and 22 at the Culture Festival at the Quai where everyone will be able to offer us their suede film and are an official partner of the Nuit Blanche on October 5, through our fiction-Chat walk and special walks.