[Bon App’] Choose the best internet speed with nPerf

by bold-lichterman

Origin: France

Editor: FH Sarl

Available: under iOS and Android

Release date : september 2014

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The app of the day comes from Lyon. Fabien Moutier, Marketing Manager at FH Sarl explains the technologies developed for more than ten years around the project.

Frenchweb: What service does the application provide? Who is she talking to?

Fabien Moutier: nPerf (N for Network and Performance) allows you to test and qualify your mobile Internet connection but also to compare the results of operators.

How did you get the idea to create this application?

It is the natural continuation of our original DegroupTest application which allows to perform a simple flow test. DegroupTest.com was born in 2004. The site still allows you to know the operators available at home and to have a precise estimate of the speed that they can provide. In 2012 the DegroupTest application was launched and generated 350,000 downloads. However, it becomes clear that the flow is not everything. We note that in some cases the user may have a “good” flow, but it does not benefit from an optimal experience. A result in terms of speed may seem rather vague for users who are not very tech-savvy. This is why we have to start from the user’s feeling, and try to qualify their experience when using their smartphone for current services. We also decide to add a test of streaming video and a navigation test.

What are the similar apps and how is yours different?

The world leader is American (Ookla), its application is called SpeedTest. Unlike it, we provide full test, score and comparison between operators. Ookla uses community servers which cannot guarantee optimal service. The tests carried out are carried out on dedicated and optimized servers. We make it a point of honor to provide the necessary speed at all times so that our users can test their connection under optimal conditions. In France, our competitor is called 4GMark. It is affiliated with a media, (ZDnet); This is not our case. We highlight our dynamic comparison system of scoring with national and local averages of scores by operator. Our throughput test is optimized: up to 1Gb / s in multithreaded. In order to precisely measure the flow, the multithreaded allows you to quickly “overload” your Internet connection by generating up to 16 simultaneous data transfers. Our users also have the option of choosing the test server. We also offer optimization of data consumption during tests (up to two times less than our competitors) with a customizable consumption alert.

How do you monetize this service?

The service is monetized in 3 ways: the resale of the collected telecom data (fully anonymized), advertisements and an annual subscription for the Premium version. This economic model should allow us to develop internationally, we hope very soon.

What companies are currently using your service?

Telecom companies, but we cannot say which companies precisely. I would also point out that some people use our online speed test, also available in addition to the application.

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