[Bon App’] Boddy, the health coaching app delivered by pros

by bold-lichterman

Boddy provides expert advice on sleep, nutrition and dermatology.

Origin : France

Founders: Jean-Etienne Durand, he is also the co-founder and director of Wopata, a mobile application development company based in Bordeaux

Availability: Free on ios and Android (soon on Windows Phone)

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Frenchweb: What needs does your application meet?

Jean-Etienne Durand: Boddy supports its users on a daily basis with their health, offering them every day the precious advice of a specialist on the following topics: sleep, childhood, women’s health, nutrition and dermatology. The advice is written by health specialists and is all validated by Sylvie Royant-Parola, psychiatrist and health 2.0 specialist. Users also receive a survey every Friday, where they can compare their habits with those of the Boddy community in real time.

Where does the idea of ​​creation come from?

Jean Etienne DurandThe idea stems from a realization following personal experience: the frustration one can feel while searching for health information on the Internet. It is very often complicated to find reliable information on the small health concerns that we encounter on a daily basis.

A market research that we carried out confirmed this trend. Developing mobile applications for 5 years for major accounts in the health sector, we have decided to take the plunge and also become our own client!

What was the development process? (encountered difficulties…)

We started the development of Boddy about 6 months ago. The quality and performance of this application are our main challenges. In this context, we use more than 30 external analytics tools, which are used to monitor the application, and require almost permanent optimizations.

It is also essential for us to ensure the reliability and validity of the published content, which requires a daily quality control process by several people (internal and external). To boost our acquisition funnel, we have also implemented various techniques using the principle of Growth Hacking.

How do you plan to make it known?

The application has just been released and we already have more than 30,000 downloads in France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Maghreb and Canada. The North American market is also very interesting for us since it represents 30% of our users.

We mainly promote and acquire on social networks in order to optimize our visibility on the stores. We also play on the virality by offering users to share the content (by message, email, or on social networks) in the application.

What are your goals ?

Our ambition is to become one of the leaders in medical telephone advice. We are currently working on a new version of Boddy. This will allow users to obtain anonymously personalized answers to their health questions by a qualified and certified professional. Our promise: a complete response in 2 hours maximum.

This new version requires expertise in artificial intelligence, the R&D program of which is strongly supported by BPI France. We are currently starting a fundraising of 1.2 million euros to accelerate the commercial development of our MVP (editor’s note: Minimal Viable Product).