Blue DME, the data exchange that wants to “enhance” corporate data

by bold-lichterman

How to “enhance” the data generated by a company? It is to respond to this problem that Blue DME publishes a platform for companies wishing to “monetize their data” with other companies likely to be interested. This French start-up supports them in their search for prospects and the determination of their price.

“Our job is to find people who need this data (…), to calculate this economic value, and to ensure the exchange transaction so that it is legal and secure for all of the two counterparties. We play the role of notary in the exchange transaction ”, explains to Frenchweb Julien Cabot, CEO of Blue DME.

Many concerns have emerged in recent years about the confidentiality of data on the Internet and its exchanges. For this, Blue DME indicates on its website that “no nominative data (name, email, telephone, etc.) is exchanged” on its platform.

About ten employees

The company, which operates in particular for players in the finance, media, e-commerce and connected objects sector, has also developed a second offer for large groups wishing to integrate a platform to promote data exchange between their different subsidiaries.

Founded in 2015, Blue DME now has around ten employees, nine of whom work in R&D. To accelerate on the commercial part, the start-up hopes to open an office in London within two years.

Interview with Julien Cabot, CEO of Blue DME:

CEO: Julien cabot

Creation: 2015

The head office : Neuilly-sur-Seine

Activity: data marketplace

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