Blast, a program supported by Starburst which wants to explode French space startups

by bold-lichterman

Several innovation specialists have joined forces to create Blast, the first French program for accelerating start-ups with high technological content in the fields of aeronautics, space and defense in order to “Bring out and support around twenty start-ups per year”. The program brings together Starburst, the world’s leading accelerator dedicated to aeronautics, space and defense (ASD) start-ups, the National Office for Aerospace Studies and Research (Onera), the École Polytechnique and the SATT Paris-Saclay, whose goal is to develop the implementation of innovations resulting from academic research.

At the origin of the project, which will be formally launched in January, the observation of ” lack of a program set up in France dedicated to supporting deep tech projects (relating to very advanced technologies, Editor’s note) for the sector ” aeronautics, defense and space, explain its promoters in a press release. If the young shoots in these fields are particularly active in the United States or in Israel, the movement must be “Be strengthened in Europe and particularly in France”, they say. Especially since aeronautics, space and defense “By nature bear the characteristics of deep tech: strong barriers to entry, a long and complex development cycle and a strong disruptive character in the event of success”.

Planned seed fundraising

The program should make it possible to support projects corresponding to the needs of industry and to perpetuate them through commercial contracts and collaboration with industrialists or public institutes. ” The idea is to create more start-ups to fuel future aeronautical, space and defense programs ”, summarizes François Chopard, founder of Starburst, who will coordinate the program. The areas targeted are in particular those of low-carbon aviation, urban air mobility platforms, artificial intelligence, technologies relating to autonomy (sensors, data fusion), secure dematerialized IT services (cloud) or even the spatial.

Fundraising “Seed money from two to three million euros” are planned. Blast is one of ten programs selected by the government following a call for projects to support start-ups with high technological content as part of the Future Investments Program (PIA) Endowed with an overall maximum amount of 9.6 million euros, public support, via Bpifrance, will allow grants of up to 50% of the cost of the project during the first two years.