Blackberry buys French company Scroon, a community management platform on social networks

by bold-lichterman

The French startup Scroon, which publishes the platform Social Media Management System, an “all-in-one” solution to help brands engage in conversation on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Dailymotion, has been acquired by Blackberry. The buyout took place a few months ago, last May we were confirmed at Blackberry.

The company helps brands and agencies manage their communities on social networks thanks to a tool marketed in SaaS (software as a service, software as a service, editor’s note), but also assists them in the development of their mobile websites and their applications.

Its customers include Orange, Crédit Agricole and Tag Heuer, as well as advertising agencies such as the Publicis group or Havas Media. Thanks to its online console, Carrefour offers its customers the opportunity to organize dinners via Facebook and Imagin’R offers geolocated promotional offers.