Bittle raises 1.1 million euros to boost its SaaS reporting solution

by bold-lichterman

Set up interviews, write a report to your teams … to optimize communication between colleagues, there are other solutions than sending copies to the whole team. Bittle offers a SaaS solution of reporting, today it announces that it has raised 1.1 million euros from PACA Investissement – a co-investment fund created by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region with the financial support of Europe -, Siparex and CAAP Création (subsidiary of Crédit Agricole). The Bittle platform can be connected to cloud solutions from Microsoft, Amazon, OVH and Google (historical partner).

“This 1.1 million euros fundraising is accompanied by two other contributions of funds: 200,000 euros as a prize winner for the 2030 global innovation competition and 300,000 euros in the form of a reimbursable advance financed by Bpifrance, and the community of the Pays d’Aix ”specifies Christophe Suffys, co-founder of this start-up with Morgan Ventimila and Pierre Mougin. This total of 1.6 million euros will be spent to support the commercial and marketing development of Bittle.

Opening of an office in Australia or Singapore

Christophe Suffys, co-founder of Bittle

“70% of the funds raised will be dedicated to marketing and commercialization, the remaining 30% will go to the Bittle Gobig project, this project for a data integration and processing platform (Big data) awarded at the global competition for innovation 2030 ”, says one at Bittle.

Bittle software, which is associated with a Business Intelligence solution, requires improvements in terms of real-time data processing and ease of technical integration. A sales and marketing director joined the company on Monday, 3 people had already joined Bittle since July and three new recruitments (on technical profiles) are on the program. “There were 12 of us before the fundraiser, we will be around 20 at the start of 2015,” says Mr. Suffys.

Before continuing: “We are considering the opening of a commercial hub, either in Singapore or in Sydney”. The Aix-en-Provence start-up, created at the end of 2009, already has an office in San Francisco, opened in May 2011 and a hub in Montreal, since February 2013. 25,000 people are currently using the Bittle software through the world in nearly 10,000 companies, says the founder of the start-up.

80% of international revenue

It currently generates a little more than 80% of its income abroad (Germany, England, North America, Oceania) but does not communicate on its annual turnover. “We were below one million euros in 2013, we hope to reach a turnover of between 1.5 and 2 million euros in 2014” agrees, however, to clarify Mr. Suffys. Among its clients, accountants, financiers, HR managers, sales representatives and owners of SMEs. A large majority of them work in small and medium-sized companies, but large accounts also use it, including Monoprix, Sanofi Pasteur and the ViaSanté mutual insurance company.

Bittle had completed a first round of funding two years ago, for an amount of 500,000 euros from Solid, a solidarity-based venture capital company of the Siparex group. Bittle has since changed its pricing policy. At the time, the paid offers were between 69 and 149 euros per month and per user, they now reach 150 to 300 euros HT.