Bitcoin heading for $ 10,000

by bold-lichterman

Nothing can stop the most famous cryptocurrency. Bitcoin broke yet another record this weekend, crossing the historic $ 9,000 mark this Sunday, November 26. This is a new level crossed for the cryptic currency, since its creation in 2009, which is not likely to be the last.

This morning again, according to information from Coindesk, bitcoin was trading at 9,730 dollars (8,155 euros), showing no signs of slowing down.

Bitcoin has appreciated over 40% over the past two weeks, and has increased its value nine-fold since the start of the year. However, it remains a volatile investment: last September, the price of bitcoin collapsed after the announcement of the ban on ICOs and the suspension of cryptocurrency exchanges in China.

The capitalization of all cryptocurrencies in circulation now exceeds 300 billion dollars; bitcoin represents 160 billion of them.