BIME, the French start-up specializing in data analysis, sets out to conquer the American market

by bold-lichterman

Woman-led Montpellier start-up Rachel Delacour is at a turning point in its development

Montpellier startups are on the rise. After the announcement made this week by Medtech to raise 20 million by listing on NYSE Euronext Paris to accelerate its growth in the United States, it is now We Are Cloud, editor of BIME, which embraces the American dream with the opening of an office in Kansas City.

The company specializing in the analysis and monitoring of business data has therefore decided to set up in the heart of Missouri to take advantage of this “growing technological city”. Four years after its creation, it continued its internationalization and strengthened its position in North America with a team of seven people, headed by Jim Lysinger, vice-president and business angel.


“All events related to data are held in San Francisco, so I have to go there so that we are present in the ecosystem. But the start-up cost is enormous ”explains Rachel Delacour, founder of BIME, contacted by Frenchweb on the reasons which led her not to settle in California. “Kansas City won’t be on the sidelines for long. It is the city which rises in high tech, a progression underlined by all the rankings ”.

On site, the startup will have to face intense competition from traditional players in business intelligence (business intelligence, editor’s note). Some are sometimes more than twenty years old and have been acquired by large groups. Among these, account BusinessObjects, bought by SAP, Cognos, encompassed by IBM, but also new ultra-dynamic entrants like Tableau Software or GoodData.

The market business intelligence is estimated at between $ 15 billion and $ 20 billion in sales by most Gartner or Forrester studies. “We are in Montpellier but already achieve 60% of our turnover abroad, without even having a team on site,” she explains.

To achieve this, BIME relied from the outset on an “on-demand” technology allowing the analysis, monitoring, connection and visualization of data in a system based on the cloud. These are centralized, offering a solution of reporting in real time. “That was the whole objective of our pure-player positioning (100% internet, editor’s note) so that any client can adopt our technology without having to install expensive infrastructures” adds Ms. Delacour.

However, the opening of a subsidiary across the Atlantic was becoming urgent. “Americans are much more mature and consumers of solutions cloud BI. They represented an increasingly significant part of our traction. We could no longer miss it: we had to go ”.

Among its clients on site, there are quite varied profiles such as e-merchants, online game publishers, digital marketing agencies or even online brokers. All of them have significant amounts of data to analyze, without the will to install servers. “We started with early adopters with a very web DNA. But we are now conquering large, more traditional groups ”explains the founder.

However, the American dream may not be enough for the expansion of the company. “The opening of another office abroad will quickly make sense” we are told. We will not know more.

Interview with Rachel Delacour, co-founder and CEO of Bime, and Olivier Bernasson, jury of the e-commerce track of La Poste:

  • May 2013 : BIME wins the Trophy for the best customer case within the framework of the General Meeting of EuroCloud France
  • January 2013 : BIME is ultimately selected for the best French startup category of the European Tech Startup Award (Europas).
  • 2012 : BIME is the winner of the Web Track e-commerce, organized by the La Poste group as part of LeWeb’12 (see our video interview)
  • 2011, We Are Cloud, carried out its second fundraising in 18 months, without specifying the amount.
  • 2009 : Creation of We Are Cloud