Bigger, the Galaxy S 4 is full of new features

by bold-lichterman

Samsung yesterday unveiled the successor to the Galaxy S3. For the occasion, the South Korean did not skimp on the means and invested the Radio City Music Hall in New York. The presentation was also broadcast live on Time Square.

If at first glance, the Galaxy S4 strongly resembles its predecessor, there are many points between them. First of all, the latest addition to the Galaxy range is bigger, thinner and lighter. Then, it is full of new features and is presented as a real life companion. The emphasis is definitely on uses.
It presents in particular:

  • A 5-inch “super Amoled” screen.
  • A 13 megapixel camera, inspired by devices marketed by Samsung. It offers, among other things, a function called DualShot which allows you to take a photo simultaneously with the two front and rear cameras. The Galaxy S 4 also offers a functionality very similar to the famous Cinémagram application.
  • Also on the menu, a translator available in 9 languages. This allows users to automatically translate their emails and various written and voice messages.
  • Samsung also stands out with the feature called Air gesture. This technology allows users to scroll through photos or web pages without placing their finger on the screen. It suffices to bring your finger a few centimeters for the device to detect it.
  • In the same vein, the “Smart Pause” and “Smart Scroll” functions pause or restart a video depending on the direction of the user’s gaze.
  • Finally, the Galaxy S 4 is riding the quantified self trend with its S Health function. Equipped with a built-in pedometer and temperature and humidity sensors, the smartphone could well compete with Fitbit. In particular, it collects data on eating habits, sleep and the exercises performed. The smartphone can also be automatically synchronized with a smart bracelet called S Band.

A real gadget, the Galaxy S4 should be marketed during the second quarter of the year. The marketing price has not yet been specifically mentioned.