BeyondThePitch: turning a sporting defeat into a personal victory, with Sébastien Destremau

by bold-lichterman

This BeyondThePitch opus # 34 is a moment of true grace.

Made with a man who has undertaken extraordinary things, those which require a real surpassing of oneself, things that I would qualify as eminently plural, those which push to reinvent oneself with courage and stubbornness, going as far as provoke a meeting with the Pope himself.

But, a rare occurrence, it is above all a man who has known how to constantly listen to his inner self, thus knows himself perfectly and naturally finds himself able to push his own limits, to doing things in intense mode.

This man is Sébastien Destremau, who came last in the last Vendée Globe in 2017. And here, in his
BeyondThePitch, behind my camera, he takes the time and opens up straightforwardly.

His speech is full of top athlete mantras directly applicable to entrepreneurship:

  • Get started before you’re ready
  • Just to see if I could do it
  • Do things step by step
  • Stay the course

He obviously invites us to make our own Vendée Globle and far from the beaten track, gives us a strong message, full of optimism on ecology.

At this time when large groups are encouraged to invite our innovation ecosystem to replay the circus games, in a large masquerade, intended to offer them a kind of ready-to-consume innovation guarantee but which in reality only has the sole effect of revealing a sham of transformation, the pitch exercise has become completely overused and makes the BeyondThePitch experience even more saving, especially when it is served by such a cast of exemplarity and authenticity.

Setting an example is not the best solution… It is the only one!

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