BeyondThePitch: Marjolaine Grondin, CEO of Jam

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 2012 by Marjolaine Grondin, Jam has developed a technology based on artificial intelligence, the purpose of which is to answer students’ questions. The latter make their requests to Jam by SMS, Facebook Messenger or later by WhatsApp and Twitter. They get an answer in the minutes that follow and over the course of the discussions, the solution will try to find an answer for them, whether it is looking for an apartment, finding a place to go out or even … finding a student job or internship.

Founder: Marjolaine Grondin

The head office : Paris

Creation date : 2012

Launch date of the service by SMS and Facebook Messenger: April 2015

Market : student services

Funding: € 1.3 million raised

FrenchWeb: What is Frenchy Entrepreneur?

Frédéric Hermelin, founder of Frenchy Entrepreneur: Since its launch in 2013, Frenchy fredhermelin 2Entrepreneur’s vocation was to thank our most emblematic entrepreneurs for paying tribute to them and for transmitting these life secrets, these very structuring elements of career to as many people as possible, to those who are starting out or who are in the process of being implemented.

I had initially chosen to celebrate our role models to convey the most impactful exemplarity possible, but over time I felt a frustration. This frustration of telling me that every entrepreneur, every startupper, whatever their stage of execution, project and degree of success, however little he or she courageously challenges the world on a value proposition, had a vocation to be treated.

What is the goal of Frenchy Entrepreneur with BeyondThePitch?

In French, “Beyond The Pitch” means “Beyond the Pitch”. This new format of video pitches is intended for start-ups as long as their founder succeeds in getting his / her “WHY” and “VISION” deep within him / her for a recording, alone in front of the camera.

The exercise is far from simple. It requires a certain level of awareness and letting go, obviously also, to have asked the question of its values ​​and the meaning that one wishes to give to its execution. An extraordinary experience!

Finally, we needed an emblematic godmother to sanctify the format and it is Axelle Lemaire, our State Secretary for Digital and Innovation, who did us the honor of taking on this role.

Why did you choose Marjolaine Grondin for the first video?

If I chose to inaugurate this format, which represents long months of work, with Marjolaine, it is because the progress of its execution is quite simply remarkable and also because its degree of awareness of the concept of “WHY” and of “VISION” is just exceptional and I hope it will be of use to everyone.

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