BeyondThePitch: “I am more driven by the fear of regret than by that of failure”, Matthieu Tordeur, explorer

by bold-lichterman

Explorer, as a title / function of presentation, it is all the same, because we all have a little vocation to become explorers of life, of our lives, at least… Except that for Matthieu Tordeur, it is really what that he is, what he has always done, responding to this imperious desire to travel the globe.

Norman by origin, at 27 years old, Matthieu is also the youngest member of the society of French explorers and he has recently completed a 50-day expedition to Antarctica, to the South Pole, without assistance, without supplies, in total. autonomy.

Skiing 12 hours a day on the other side of the world …

Matthieu has just signed with a large publishing house to tell his story and since his return, he has been doing TV shows and radio shows to tell his story. He is also a regular speaker in companies or at events.

Learn to play a musical instrument, get married, to each their own adventure …

Matthieu Tordeur, explorer.

For my part, I had been thinking for a while about expanding the cast of BeyondThePitch, outside the entrepreneurial sphere, to demonstrate its universal character and rediscover the “Role Model” DNA of Frenchy Entrepreneur’s beginnings.

There is obviously such a natural link between adventure and entrepreneurship that this casting quickly became obvious. Matthieu is also the first to claim this parallel and manages his status as a speaker or the release of his next book as an entrepreneur. So, you will see, if Matthew’s story literally transports us, we are, at the same time, in the end, “in rather well-known lands” …;)

I am more driven by the fear of regret than by the fear of failure …

These words are those of Matthieu Tordeur, Explorer / Adventurer, but is there, basically, a better way to describe entrepreneurship?

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