Benjamin Mestrallet and Tyler Jewell sell Codenvy to Redhat

by bold-lichterman

One of the pioneers of Open Source, redhat, known for its Red Hat Enterprise Linux solution, has just announced the acquisition of Codenvy, to extend its service offering within its new platform.

Codenvy offers IDEs on Eclipse Che, one of the main projects opensource in the world, and makes it easier to develop and test its applications. This acquisition is part of the strategy of developing solutions automating the deployment of applications in software containers. It is thus possible for a developer to port and execute his developments more simply on a local machine, a private or public cloud, a dedicated server, etc. The objective is to reduce to a minimum the time of management of the development infrastructure, and to accelerate the time of code by providing tools simplifying the stages including the tests.

Codenvy was created in 2012 in San Francisco by Tyler Jewell, current CEO and Benjamin Mestrallet, who told FrenchWeb that it was “of a strategic acquisition for redhat. I sincerely believe that eclipse che and codenvy are revolutionizing the world of software development. this is the future of dev!“Benjamin Mestrallet is also the founder and CEO of Exo Platform.

Codenvy was funded by Toba Capital and Auriga Partners over 2 rounds for a total amount of $ 9 million. Codenvy employs around 40 people