Believing that there are two worlds, the online and the offline, it costs an arm

by bold-lichterman

If you are over 30, you have known the world before it was available in a connected version. You have therefore seen the emergence of a sort of second world, the one we called the online in opposition to the real world. And it was ultimately quite convenient to talk about real life, the IRL (In Real Life) world and to relegate the online world as a virtual world, ultimately disconnected from reality. But today, can we still talk about a virtual world when you communicate by Skype or Facetime with your mom, or when you video chat several times a week on your smartphone with your best friend who lives in Texas?

In order to adapt, most companies have since 1995 created over time, specific departments to manage these different channels separately. A physical point of sale department, a call center department, an Internet department… Each channel has its own department, processes, methods, commercial conditions… and the legal notices specific to the distribution channel of elsewhere. But now that everyone (or almost everyone) is equipped with a smartphone, can we still talk about distance selling when the purchase is made in the point of sale via a mobile? What about the electronic signature on a smartphone in a face-to-face interview?

Do you want to save time and money? Avoid duplicating processes and other investments. Now think that IRL and Online are the same world. So remove the “e” from e-commerce to do business, remove the “e” from e-learning to talk about training, remove the word social networks to think about customer relationship. Remove technological jargon from your vocabulary to return more simply to your core business and take action to conduct business, marketing, communication, training and recruitment.

It will only be easier and allow you to seize the opportunities offered by technology to sincerely and efficiently serve your core business, not to duplicate your costs.

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Believing that there are two worlds the online and the

Pierre-Philippe Cormeraie is Chief Digital Evangelist of Groupe BPCE. He is also a blogger, influencer and digital specialist. You can find it on Twitter.