Baidu wants to accelerate its development in mobile

by bold-lichterman

The Chinese giant has just taken a majority stake in DigiOne, a company specializing in the distribution of mobile phones.

Founded in 2006, DigiOne works between telephone manufacturers and distributors (operator, etc.). If one of DigiOne’s businesses is to ensure delivery to its network of 70,000 points of sale in China, by reducing logistics costs to their minimum, DigiOne also intervenes in the personalization of devices according to customer requests. its customers, including telecom operators.

In June, DigiOne launched its own smartphone, dubbed 100+ in partnership with China Telecom and Baidu.

Baidu’s goal is to accelerate the adoption of Baidu Cloud OS, the challenge for the Chinese giants being to maintain their market share in this new growing market, where competition is raging in particular with new entrants such as Xiaomi.