Baidu markets its Blockchain as a Service offer

by bold-lichterman

Baidu has just announced the opening of its platform Blockchain as a Service. The company is developing its own blockchain technology in order to market it to third parties who wish to access this type of infrastructure. Companies will thus have online access to various tools to secure their exchanges.

Blockchain as a Service

“The platform can help perform and track transactions, and is suitable for using digital currency, digital invoices, bank credit management, insurance management and financial auditing.Can we read in the description of the website. Still according to the company, the offer has already been successfully integrated into companies linked to the securing and trading of assets.

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In China, Baidu is not the first company to market a B2B blockchain offering. Last May, Tencent announced the release of its own platform, OctobersQL. The latter is intended to provide blockchain infrastructure to businesses. In November 2017, Guo Rui, vice president of Tencent claimed that the company had “independently developed a comprehensive set of blockchain protocols and actively participated in the formulation of credible blockchain standards for the Chinese Institute of Information and Communications“.

Another Chinese giant, Alibaba, has also put its finger in the process. A specially dedicated team is responsible for studying this question, according to the words of its leader Jack Ma, relayed by CNBC.