B2B events: Digilinx (the BigBoss) continues its diversification with the acquisition of Proximum365

by bold-lichterman

Digilinx, the French company that owns BigBoss, announces the acquisition of a majority stake in the capital of Proximum365, publisher of the Vimeet solution and specialist in events in the industry sector. This operation comes more than a year after the fundraising of 18 million euros carried out by Digilinx in July 2019, from the Parisian fund Montefiore Investment, which has become the majority shareholder. It is also part of the group’s diversification strategy.

Launched in 2011 under the leadership of Hervé Bloch, Digilinx is best known for its BigBoss brand, specializing in relaxed B2B events. Through this brand, Digilinx offers three-day events, on the beach as well as on the ski, to entrepreneurs and business leaders to enable them to feed their network and to conclude partnerships in an informal setting. Thanks to matchmaking algorithms to organize the right encounters, BigBoss has met with some success with Tech players, before diversifying into many sectors (tourism and leisure, beauty and retail fashion, health, HR, etc.) .

The ambition to becomean undisputed leader ”

Faced with the coronavirus crisis and the new requirements imposed on event players, Digilinx has chosen to invest in Proximum365, at the origin of fully digital dating technology. ” After the fundraising, I executed the diversification plan and quickly identified Proximum365 as a strategic partner to lead a common industrial project and constitute a technological leader in the animation of BtoB communities. », Explains Hervé Bloch.

Proximum365 produces events in many fields, such as aeronautics, space, health, defense and energy. But its major asset in this health context lies in its “one-to-one” event digitalization solution. Called Vimeet, it makes it possible to organize digital or hybrid events, for either or for a third party.

lesBigBoss and PROXIMUM365 bring together key technological, sectoral and relational expertise to accelerate the business convention of tomorrow, become an undisputed leader and together write a new page of BtoB events and premium community animation », Comments Renaud Simard Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Proximum.