Awards and trends of the Epitech School’s EIP Forum

by bold-lichterman

Before becoming fast-growing startups, Melty or Prestashop were Epitech Innovative Projects, IT school end-of-study projects Epitech.

This is the 2nd year that the school presents 12 of the best projects developed by its 4th and 5th year students. On Friday morning, budding entrepreneurs lent themselves to the exercise of the pitch in front of a jury of which FrenchWeb was part, under the chairmanship of Patrick Bertrand, President of the National Digital Council. Three of them were awarded by jury for their innovation and their ability to address a high potential market. Palmares :

Awards and trends of the Epitech Schools EIP Forum

  • RealCar, which offers to guide a mini-car with an on-board camera remotely controlled by an application, which transmits in real time both the control information to the object, and the HD video stream to react at the right time of the race. The project was developed in partnership with an agency specialized in software based in Nancy (BigInt). A project which is part of the Internet of Things and which suggests new avenues in video games applied to the application ecosystem.
  • Visual LSF, an interactive software that allows you to learn sign language from a webcam. It is a 3D avatar that plays the role of professor, the signs being visible from several angles. The user must mimic these signs, which are interpreted and corrected directly by the interface. This project retained a large majority of the votes of the jury, given the number of people impacted by the need to communicate with a hearing impaired person.
Awards and trends of the Epitech Schools EIP Forum
  • tNETacle is presented as a decentralized VPN, a virtual private network, which allows physical machines to be connected via the web, in a secure manner and ensuring confidentiality of information. This project is conceived in BtoB as in BtoC, and bodes well for prospects in peer-to-peer security.

These three winners receive as a reward a year of incubation at Creative Valley, the structure founded by Push & Pull and Epitech.

Overall, the EIP forum has led to the emergence of very user-oriented early-stage projects, with concepts of home automation, home security, tablets for seniors, or even gaming to learn to code. An event attended by a hundred companies, interested in technological advances produced by teams of students, entrepreneurs in the making.