[Avis consommateurs] A draft AFNOR standard in collaborative mode

by bold-lichterman

Should we still present theAFNOR,, the French Association for Standardization, an organization born in 1926? “Making the methods of collecting and displaying consumer opinions online more reliable to restore confidence in a new economy”, that is the objective that the association has set itself for this future standard. This should make it possible to certify the approach of e-commerce sites which have a real policy of controlling consumer reviews and reassure Internet users who request authenticity in the reviews they read.

vignette-afnorAs for all other standards, AFNOR first submits basic ideas for a period of public consultation should lead to a form of consensus in the drafting of the text. The various proposals developed over the past year by some fifty sites, associations, companies or administrations are subject to comments from Internet users and professionals until February 15, before a meeting in the premises of the association and then a final drafting by a college of ‘experts. The standard for online consumer reviews should be available during the second quarter of 2013.

Interview with Olivier Peyrat, Director General of AFNOR.