Averon raises $ 8.3 million to identify you online with your smartphone

by bold-lichterman

The amount

The Californian start-up Averon, which is developing a mobile identity verification solution, has completed an initial funding round of $ 8.3 million led by Avalon Ventures.

The market

Founded in 2015 by Lea Tarnowski and Wendell Brown, Averon has designed a mobile identity verification device, called “Direct Autonomous Authentication (DAA)”, which is intended to be more fluid and secure than the existing connection procedures, which are moreover on top of that in the face of the proliferation of cyber attacks. To do this, the American startup’s solution uses your smartphone’s mobile network signal in real time and SIM / eSIM cards to establish user authentication. “Averon offers a unique solution that authenticates users, all without relying on personally identifiable information and without forcing consumers to make any effortSays Wendell Brown, co-founder and CEO of the San Francisco-based company.

In this way, Averon’s goal is to prevent cyberattacks such as those suffered by the American credit bureau Equifax. Until now, online identity verifications have mainly been performed through two-step SMS authentication and fingerprint recognition. However, these identification procedures have shown their limits, to the point of suffering hacking with disastrous consequences for the user (theft of personal data, identity theft, etc.).

The objectives of the Start-up

This funding should allow Averon to improve its mobile security technology and accelerate its development. According to the company, its “Direct Autonomous Authentication” solution is now active on all mobile phone networks in the United States.

Averon: the key data

Founders: Lea Tarnowski and Wendell Brown
Creation: 2015
The head office : San Francisco
Activity: mobile identity verification solution
Funding: $ 8.3 million in October 2017