[Avant-première] Deezer Co-Founder Jonathan Benassaya Launches Stream Nation Cloud Service

by bold-lichterman

The former founder of Deezer, who now lives in California in San Francisco, turns the page on Plizy, this Hdmi box project connected to an iPad application. The French is launching a personal cloud service, intended to concentrate all its video and photo content in one place, a secure media center. Called Stream Nation, it allows you to stream and transcode videos in any format and keep them.

The idea of ​​Stream Nation is above all to offer a BtoC service that solves the problem of the explosion of content on everyone’s devices. The Stream Nation model is based on palliative pricing with storage capacity as a variable: free up to 2 GB of content storage, up to € 19 / month unlimited. Stream Nation is already interested in advertising agencies for their client presentation, for example.

The beta test of Stream Nation has been open for several months to 1500 beta testers, the service will launch in Europe (France, Germany and United Kingdom), to launch in a few weeks on the American market.

Jonathan Benassaya, at the microphone of FrenchWeb: