Autodis Group joins forces with Oocar to accelerate in the connected car

by bold-lichterman

The French car fleet has more than 38 million cars, according to the CCFA (Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers. Faced with this significant figure and the emergence of new technologies in the automobile industry, the company Autodis Group, specialized in the distribution of spare parts, has entered into a partnership with the start-up Oocar, specializing in the connected car. On this occasion, Autodis Group becomes a minority shareholder in Oocar.

Founded in 2015 by Philippe Chassany, Oocar develops a data and services platform for the after-sales and automobile insurance sectors. To measure vehicle performance, the young Parisian company has notably designed a box that allows the car to be connected to the smartphone. Thanks to the data collected, the driver will be offered personalized services to improve his driving and the use of his car.

Connect 2 million cars in Europe within 3 years

Alongside Autodis Group, Oocar aims to create an ecosystem of partners to connect more than 2 million vehicles in Europe over the next three years. “More than 90% of running vehicles now have a diagnostic socket, and more than 75% of drivers have a smartphone. We want to develop the relationship between motorists and maintenance and repair professionals using an innovative digital tool», Explains Philippe Chassany, founder and president of Oocar.

For Autodis Group, this partnership should enable it to become one of the leaders in connected car maintenance and repair services. Echoing its digital strategy, the company wants to create an ecosystem around the connected car. Claiming 4,500 repair points in Europe, Autodis Group achieved a turnover of 1.2 billion euros in 2016.

Founder: Philippe Chassany

Creation date : 2015

Seat : Paris

Activity: connected car

Workforce: 10 employees

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