Augure hunts “100 million influencers” for brands

by bold-lichterman

“100 million people around the world have some influence on social media. For brands, it is a huge communication lever, ”says Michael Jais, CEO of Augure. His company is developing a cloud platform whose objective is to connect brands with “influencers” on social networks. Companies can identify influencers in their sectors and measure the effectiveness of this relationship on the customer’s communication objectives.

How to define an “influencer”? For Augur, three criteria must be met: the Internet user must reach a certain audience (2,000 subscribers on Twitter for example), be able to relay a message, and have a certain expertise to be legitimate on the subject.

Strengthen in the United States

To strengthen itself, the company recently acquired Wisemetrics to analyze data and “make predictions about what influencers will be interested in and what the trends will be.” An operation that follows the fundraising of 15 million euros in January.

Augure wants to triple its turnover – currently 10 million euros – in the coming years, which will notably involve development in the United States (an office was recently opened in New York) and new acquisitions. . More details with Michael Jais, CEO of Augure.

CEO: Michael jais

Creation: 2002

The head office : Paris

Market : communication, marketing

Turnover: 10 million euros claimed

Competitors: Synthesio, Linkfluence

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