Augmented reality: Apple perfects its technology with the acquisition of the Danish Spektral

by bold-lichterman

Apple has very quietly got its hands on the Danish start-up Spektral for a sum which would turn around 30 million dollars, as revealed by the Danish newspaper Børsen. A redemption that dates back to last December. The American company confirmed this acquisition, which it did not however wish to comment on. But as often, the buyouts of the Apple brand allow us to learn more about its projects.

With Spektral, Apple is improving its tools in the augmented reality sector. Indeed, the Danish company has developed a technique that allows people or products to be cut out of an image or video in real time. And Spektral specializes more particularly in augmented or mixed reality.

Machine learning, computer vision …

The solution is highly scalable and cuts people and products into different contexts. It is optimized for hardware and can run in real time on a smartphone», Develops the company on its website. For this, the tool uses different technologies. “Our innovative and unique technology is based on machine learning and ‘computer vision’ techniques. Combining deep neural networks and spectral graph theory with the computing power of modern GPUs, our tool can process real-time (60 frames per second) camera images and video directly to the device.“.

This is not Apple’s first acquisition in augmented reality, we can mention Metaio in 2015 or more recently, in August, the acquisition of Akonia Holographics. The American group is therefore still perfecting its tools. It is difficult to know what precise uses are planned for Spektral’s technology, but some analysts are convinced that Apple will unveil augmented reality glasses in 2020.