AT&T now leads Vodafone in terms of revenue

by bold-lichterman

China Mobile, Verizon and AT&T are the three operators with the highest revenues.

A recent study carried out by the association GSMA Intelligence, draws up a ranking of the various mobile operators in the world according to their number of subscribers. The table also indicates the turnover for each of the operators.

In first position, China Mobile has both the largest number of subscribers and the highest turnover with more than 726 million “connections” and a turnover of 90 billion dollars (70 billion euros ).

AT&T and Verizon, for their part, are left behind in terms of subscribers, but are largely catching up in terms of turnover. Indeed, behind China Mobile, Verizon records 65 billion dollars (50 billion euros) of turnover. In third position, AT&T records, for its part, more than 59 billion dollars (46 billion euros) in turnover.

AT&T is now ahead of Vodafone and its 54.5 billion dollars (42 billion euros) in turnover.


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