Atlassian secures OpsGenie for $ 295 million

by bold-lichterman

Atlassian, the Australian company specializing in the development of tools (including Trello) for collaborative work, announces that it has acquired OpsGenie, specializing in incident alerts, for $ 295 million.

This new acquisition anchors Atlassian a little more in a market dominated by the American ServiceNow. ” When a popular website goes down, it disrupts millions of people and costs businesses $ 700 billion a year in North America alone. Responding to downtime has become one of the biggest challenges IT organizations face today », Explains the company, citing a study carried out by IHS Markit.

Atlassian weaves his web

With the help of OpsGenie, Atlassian in turn believes he can weigh in this sector. It must be said that by adding OpsGenie to its fold, the Australian is also getting its hands on its more than 3,000 customers, including major structures such as Air Canada, The Washington Post and Yahoo !. Moreover, simultaneously with this takeover, the company announces the launch of a new product, Jira Ops, an incident control center that will allow the affected teams to coordinate their work.

Atlassian, listed on the Nasdaq, therefore continues to weave its web. In early 2017, the company acquired the Trello collaboration app for $ 425 million. And in July, she announced a partnership with Slack, selling two tools: HipChat and Stride while taking a small stake in the company.