[Atelier numérique – BFM Business] Frenchweb start-up column # 52: Wezzoo

by bold-lichterman

Wezzoo (weather by you) was imagined by Clément Guillot, ex-Sup de Co Montpellier and two associate graduates from Centrale Paris. It claims to be the “world’s first community weather service”. First launched in web application mode, Wezzoo finds its true value on iPhone and iPad. The mobile applications, available in 5 languages, have already been downloaded in 152 countries. An Android version is in preparation.

With Wezzoo everyone can publish the weather status of their location, add a photo, a comment, share everything on social networks and start a discussion from the rain and shine. Beyond the publications of mobile users, the startup conducts a semantic hunt on all tweets, Facebook statuses or Instagram publications that give a geolocated weather indication. This is how no less than 200,000 local news items are broadcast on the platform every day.

Wezzoo ultimately aims to offer a real planetary weather map in real time and is developing an API to extend its service. In the future, the focus will be on identifiable climatic events also in real time and on gamification through rewards to the most active users. The start-up has as business angels the two creators of the agency Fred & Farid.

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