[Atelier Numérique – BFM Business] Frenchweb start-up column # 5

by bold-lichterman

Earthquakes have caused 700,000 deaths in the past 10 years. Pierre-Marie Samant, co-founder of Médecins sans frontières and international expert in emergency management, had the idea to entrust to SmartSystem, "innovation boosters in Paris", the mission of creating a mobile application, Quake Up, which would both prevent populations of a major seismic event and help fight against the chronic disorganization of first aid.

Atelier Numerique BFM Business Frenchweb start up column 5Quake Up, crowned with the national prize of the European Satellite Navigation Competition a few days ago in Munich, will be available for everyone in 3 to 4 months. It will:

  • Notify owners of the application via alert messages
  • Turning smartphones into emergency beacons
  • Create on-the-fly maps for rescue

Quake Up will be sold 79 cents and counts on massive purchases by organizations like the UN, the World Bank, the Red Cross…