[Atelier numérique – BFM Business] Frenchweb start-up column # 26: Voxeet

by bold-lichterman

The society Voxeet is launching a “Natural Conferencing” solution in a few days. An answer to three major problems that each of us encounters in an audio conference call situation: poor sound quality, difficulty in identifying who is speaking and no mobility.

Voxeet is based on the research of a handful of Bordeaux engineers around the spatialization of voices. In a visual interface in which each interlocutor occupies a place in the virtual office, voices and parasitic noises are processed individually for a final rendering of a markedly improved quality and each of the voices is clearly positioned in the sound space (right, left, center).

All you have to do is connect to the mobile application during a discussion to continue the conference with your smartphone without any interruption and while maintaining the audio quality and the spatial effect. Even in 3G!

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