[Atelier numérique – BFM Business] Frenchweb # 40 start-up column: MyBee

by bold-lichterman

MyBee offers new dematerialized payment services. The start-up was created by four young HEC students, not yet graduates. It initially met a need in the student world: the sale without cash register or ticketing of tickets for the evenings, drinks on site or items and contributions to student associations. Throughout the experiments, she has achieved:

  • A payment linked to the student card number
  • A bracelet with barcode for parties
  • A bracelet with RFID chip for events lasting several days (trade fair, festival, etc.)
  • A reading terminal connected via 3G or Internet: the MyBee Box

MyBee has since largely gone beyond the scope of services in the student world. The start-up claims 50,000 users to date, 110,000 € turnover in 2011 and has already recruited developers.

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