[Atelier Marketing] Russia Special with FaberNovel, East West Digital News and DisplAir

by bold-lichterman

The last FrenchWeb workshop, “Special Russia”, brought together Cyril Vart, from FaberNovel Russia and Adrien Henni, founder of East West Digital News. They drew up an overview of the Russian market, the slides of which you can find below. This workshop also welcomed the founders of DisplAir for an exclusive demonstration of their new technology: a “touch screen” made up of water microparticles.

It emerges, among other things, from this workshop that the Russian market is a market which, while it is not a pioneer in innovative technologies or services such as Facebook or Amazon, knows how to catch up or even surpass the pioneers: ” To catch up and to surpass! “

This market is very fond of new technologies, which it adopts very quickly. Indeed, was cited as an example the technology of mobile phones whose penetration rate in Russia is the largest in Europe. However, although the smartphone penetration rate is low in the same country (11%), it has experienced a sharp increase (+ 118% in 2011).

Find the presentations of Cyril Vart and Adrien Henni.